Do you dream of being a published writer? Is it your ambition to see your name in the byeline of a popular publication? Can you see yourself working from a remote beachside location, cocktail in hand as you write your next viral post that will net you and (your client ) yet more loyal subscribers, and a tidy income?

This CAN be your reality. In this age of AI and chatbots, smart companies are realising the value well-written, empathic content brings to a brand, In terms of both customer loyalty and revenue. A quick job search will show all the companies will to pay you good money to write for a living.

But if you’re asking yourself ‘is my writing good enough?’, ‘I haven’t written an article in years’ fear not. I’ve been a writer and blogger for over 15 years now, and I’m going to share my 7 tips to help you increase your writing output and quality.

  1. Read- everything and anything

Nearly all good writers are avid readers. Reading widely from a range of media; books, newspapers, blog posts, trade magazines, and even advertising opens your mind to fresh ideas and challenges your thinking.

2. Practice daily

Writing is a skill. Like any other, the more you practice, the better you will get at it. Set aside a least 30 minutes of uninterrupted writing time every day and you’ll soon notice an improvement in the quality and volume of your work.

3. Take time out

At some point, we all get to the stage where the words or the ideas just aren’t coming. You’ve hit a creative roadblock. that’s fine. It happens to the best writers. When this happens. It’s important to step away , do something entirely and come back afresh. You may find once you lighten the pressure the ideas come back to you.

4. Get and give feedback

it can be painful to open work to critique from other people. But constructive criticism is vital for your growth as a writer. Join and writing community, like Medium and ask for feedback. Return the favour by taking the time to carefully and considerately review as many articles as you have time for. I can’t stress how much this will help with your own writing.

5. Embrace boredom

we’re terrified of being bored in the modern world aren’t we? Our phones are on hand to deliver a steady stream of mind-numbing ‘entertainment’ the second there is a natural gap in our day- in a waiting room, during the advert breaks, even during a lull in conversation. But a little boredom can be good for you.

6. Walk

As well the the obvious health benefits, I often find my best ideas come to me on my daily dog walk. My ideas flow more readily when I’m not faced with the pressure of a blank Word document.

7. They let go

The best writers know when to let something go if it isn’t working. I love the way Elizabeth Gilbert talks about ideas floating around, waiting for the right person to catch them. If it doesn’t work for you, perhaps it was meant for someone else. so let it go, another writer will catch it.

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