So here i am, checking in halfway through the year. My, time really does speed up as we get older, doesn’t it?

So far this year has been hectic, to say the least.

A new job for me, but still working from home, which is fabulous, although it can sometimes feel surreal that I’ll probably never see my colleagues face to face (as the company is based down the over end of the country). It’s great that I have the freedom to walk the dogs on my lunch break, and that I can be at the school in five minutes if there is an emergency.

Serious health issues for P. What started as a nagging pain in his side proved to be much more serious. That he’ll need check-ups for the rest of his life, and the children will possibly need genetic testing in the future, But it will be a long recovery so there are worries about how we will manage, logistically and financially, over the next few months. But truthfully we are so grateful we have caught things early and how quickly he received treatment.

I have been looking at my own health, naturally, knowing that I need to take better care of myself to be able to be the best wife and mum I can, whilst the stress of recent events leads me to take comfort with a bottle of wine most evenings. So instead I’m trying to create healthier habits. Following my own advice to create morning and evening routines to soothe. Which includes getting up 30 minutes before the rest of the household. Starting the day with lemon water and quiet meditation; instead of the usual school-run chaos.

Highlights of the year so far

leaving a soul-destroying job. Getting, then quitting my first proper job in over 5 in the space of 10 months has been a whirlwind in itself. i suppose it’s all experience. The first truly warm day, summer is just refusing to arrive this year; as someone who is nearly always cold, we have had 1 I am considering emigrating! In fact, with the cost of living crisis and having to renew our mortgage this year, I sometimes think we may be better off getting a caravan and living like gypsies, traveling across Europe.; but then there are 5 of us, plus 2 dogs, 2 buggies, and the goldfish, things would be a bit cramped, so maybe not… . My hopes for the next 6 months

That summer will finally get here. To pass probation on my new job As always to write more, as it’s what i love most. with that in mind, ‘Scrumptious Ideas for Summer’ should be released later this month, followed by ‘Scrumptious Ideas for Autum ‘ in September. I will be blogging weekly. And updating my social media daily.

making me happy this month

Birds in the garden, the silliness of Tatler magazine. Poppies, red ones especially were my late mother in laws flowers, so always come with melancholia, and this summer they have invited themselves into my garden, so who am I to refuse them? And Peonies, my favorite flower and the flower of my birth month. Mac ‘Lady Danger’ Lipstick.

left to right British seaweed body butter Marks&Spenser Mac lipstick in Lady Danger Peony Bouquet Marks & Spenser Skin Lotion, Rouje Glow protecting day cream , Marks and spencers

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